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About us

Our History


The owners are husband and wife, both are of mixed African heritage.
The couple specially chose Nairobi to form part of their restaurant name. This was inspired by the beautiful capital of Kenya in East Africa as this location is close to Uganda; which is the homeland of the husband where he was born and raised. As a couple whom both share a passion for food, culture and travelling between continents; they believed that the beauty and sophistication of going out to eat, good Pan African food was a rare experience here in the UK.
The aim is to deliver a fusion of culture and flavours through a dining experience offering a feeling of ‘home away from home’.

'I' Nairobi


Through good food and beautiful surroundings, the aim is to unite people from different cultures. Through visiting different Restaurants, countries and several experiences alike, we knew we wanted to showcase African cuisine to Africans who had not had a chance to travel widely within the continent and to non-Africans who had not experienced African foods in the way that we had and know we can offer.

What we see


Food is a means to tell stories, share culture and honour tradition. Utilising traditional African ingredients and plant based dishes, the chef’s expertise draws from tradition to inform their culinary innovations.

what's cooking


We believe that sharing African expertise on plant based eating is vital to global sustainability. At ‘I Nairobi’, this desire to showcase Pan African cuisine drives many of our dishes.

INairobi restaurant
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